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Why choose us?

Why choose us?
Inspired by the University of the Western Cape’s (UWC) academic role to build an equitable and dynamic society that addresses transformation at all levels, Pillar Seven’s courses are anchored in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and provide skills development and training for a new generation of thought leaders.

As part of UWC, participants are guaranteed world-class courses backed by an academic legacy of more than 60 years. All of our courses are created by leaders and experts in their fields and are presented directly by UWC’s lecturers and facilitators as well as external parties affiliated with UWC, one of South Africa’s leading research-led universities.

Whether you’re seeking skills and training or looking to maintain your continuing professional development (CPD), choose from a range of Online, Blended or Contact learning modalities that accommodate the needs of an increasingly digitised world.

Why choose us?

Our learning methods

At Pillar Seven, we believe everyone should be given the opportunity to learn in ways that are most advantageous to them and their circumstances. This is why we offer courses, degrees and diplomas across three learning modalities.

Online LearningOnline Learning

Online allows participants to learn from anywhere – whether that’s in South Africa or halfway across the world! It’s ideal for those who prefer to study by themselves or those who often travel for work or other purposes.

Blended LearningBlended Learning

Blended learning combines majority online studies with contact sessions in a classroom environment. While some courses will only require this once or twice, others will have more regular sessions to help consolidate the knowledge acquired online.

Contact LearningContact Learning

Contact learning is the traditional in-person classroom setting where the educator and participants can engage with one another to create a deeper understanding of the course materials and a more sociable learning environment.

Mainstream versus Continuing Education

Pillar Seven offers participants a variety of ways to achieve their academic or professional goals. This includes a selection of Continuing Education courses (also referred to as ‘short courses’), as well as mainstream degrees and diplomas offered through the University of the Western Cape (UWC).

Mainstream Programmes

Credit-bearing mainstream degrees and diplomas are generally offered as contact modalities, where a student will be required to attend in-person lectures or classes. Learning of this type is usually over a number of months or years, requires assessment and, on completion, the student will receive a degree or diploma.

Pillar Seven will in future be offering Mainstream Programmes via this Pillar Seven platform. Please watch this space.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education (CE) courses allow participants to upskill themselves using the different modalities of online, blended or contact learning. At the completion of a CE course, the participant will receive either a Certificate of Competence (where assessments have formed part of the learning experience) or a Certificate of Attendance, where no formal assessments were required to be completed.

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In their own words

"Pillar Seven represents the start of an exciting new chapter in the history of UWC! As an alumnus of this remarkable university, I want to see Pillar Seven becoming a leader in the market place for the offering of short courses in not only the traditional academic sectors occupied by its seven faculties, but also in the realms of this new era of innovation, digitisation and governance evolving all around us. We want Pillar Seven to offer participants a seamless and dynamic experience and hope to make Pillar Seven the first port of call for anyone aiming to undertake continuing education or CPD development in future."
Irfaan Dalvie
Acting Director - Pillar Seven Pty Ltd
Director - UWC Business Development